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Lynn McCully Has 5 Recording Projects


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                                         1. Livin' In The Rain

                                    2. John In The Jordon

                                    3. I Know A Man Who Can

                                    4. Take Off Those Rags Lazarus

Livin' In The Rain        5. Speak To The Mountain

                                    6. If That Don't Make You Wanna Go

                                    7. Get Up In Jesus Name

                                    8. Walk A Little Farther

                                    9. Build My Mansion

                                   10. The Victory Is Mine

                                                                      1. Sweeter As The Days Go By

                                                                      2. Ain't Got Time For You Devil

                                                                      3. Built On Amazing Grace

                                                                      4. Somebody Sing

               Sweeter As The Days Go By         5. When He Was On The Cross

                                                                      6. The Light House ( Instrumental Dave Garwood )

                                                                      7. Not The Great I Was

                                                                      8. Sky Full Of Angels

                                                                      9. Walk Around Me Jesus 

                                                                     10. Christian In The House


                                       1. Where Could I Go

                                       2. Step Into The Water

                                       3. Heaven Will Be My Home

                                       4. Walking Miracle

Singing To His Glory      5. Roses Will Bloom Again

                                       6. God Is Good

                                       7. Four Days Late

                                       8. I Go To The Rock

                                       9. Ain't No Grave

                                     10. I've Come To Take You Home


                                                                        1. Ride That Glory Train

                                                                        2. He's Still In The Fire

                                                                        3. I'm Gonna Move

                                                                        4. You Can't Ask To Much Of My God

                             Ride That Glory Train        5. Lets All Go Down To The River

                                                                        6. I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About To Happen

                                                                        7. Look What The Lord Has Done

                                                                        8. Heaven's Avenue

                                                                        9. Devil's In The Phone Booth

                                                                       10. Come On In


                                   1. Temporary Home

                                   2. Whenever The Wind Blows

                                   3. I Want To Walk With My Lord

                                   4. I Won't Take Less

                                   5. Go Ask

                                   6. Satisfied

Temporary Home       7. God's Still God

                                   8. When Jesus Says It's Enough

                                   9. Serenaded By Angels

                                  10. Moses Take Your Shoes Off

                                  11. I Can't Even Walk

                                  12. Roses Will Bloom Again

                                  13. Walk Around Me Jesus

                                  14. Mary Did You Know